Rest & Reset

Rest…we all need it. And some of us avoid it. But it is another essential element of radiant health and wellbeing that should be the top of our priority list and here’s why…

Rest isn’t about being lazy or avoiding working hard. It’s absolutely necessary for our health and for working at our highest level.

Rest improves cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure and balances hormone levels. Vacation, in particular, has especially been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, and increase lifespan.

Still not convinced? Check out these additional benefits of rest:

  • better productivity and concentration
  • lower weight gain risk
  • improved calorie regulation
  • greater athletic performance
  • lower risk of heart disease
  • depression prevention

While many of us feel guilty, uncomfortable, or nervous about taking time off, we can’t continue working overtime and de-prioritizing rest. It’s this constant go-go-go attitude that leads to depletion and burnout. Our bodies and minds just can’t go at full throttle anymore.

Prioritizing rest and vacation time before you burn out is critical for doing your best work and living a healthy life.

Restorative Yoga can also help you rest and reset by allowing you to fully release your physical tension, chill your nervous system and refocus your mind to conquer your to-do list.

Restorative Yoga differs from a physically demanding yoga practice in that it is structured to allow you to deeply release and be still. This helps the stiffer, more dense connective tissues relax, the brain to flush the body with synovial fluid and instill sense of deep peace and calm into your nervous system.

You can use props like blankets and blocks to support your body so you can fully let go. Even just 20 minutes of yoga can help you detach from anxiety and stress, rest and rest.

So even if your schedule does not allow you to go on a week-long vacay, you can take a stay-cation on your mat, feel at ease again in your body and your mind.