On-Demand Courses


Zen Chill Pill

Zen Chill Pill is a mindful mix of mellow flow yoga & restorative poses to help you reset your nervous system and find your Zen again.


Pilates Basics

Find your core and master the foundations for a powerful Pilates practice. Build a stronger, more flexible, mobile body for life!


Balance Anytime Anywhere

Workout whenever you want with our library of on-demand videos to keep transforming anytime you are ready.


Moments of Zen

Breath & Movement Practices to Tame Your Anxiety, Melt Away Tension, & Focus Your Mind.


CTFO – Chill The f@#k Out!

Breathing Techniques & Yoga Practices to Reset Your Nervous System, Slay Your Cray, & Reconnect Back to Your Calm, Relaxed Self.