At Balance, our yoga classes are designed to relieve the stresses and strains of modern life. You’ll learn how to ignite your body’s core to build strength without strain. You’ll practice breathing deeply, listening to your body, and creating new patterns of movement to nourish and heal from the inside out.

Balance Yoga Flow

Flow from pose to pose with cuing and sequencing that accesses your body’s intelligent anatomy to support and heal you from the inside out. Practice integrating your breath with mindful movements and challenging poses to improve balance, flexibility, and strength.

Gentle Yoga for Everybody

If you think you can’t “do yoga,” this class is for you. This class is for beginners wishing to start a practice and those who appreciate moving slowly and consciously through the postures and breathing techniques. Appropriate for pregnant yoginis and those with joint & mobility issues. We offer options to adapt poses for different levels and abilities. All are welcome.

Rest & Restore Yoga

A blend of restorative postures supported with props, breathing techniques and guided meditation. A passive practice to balance your Yang, active practice. Great for feeling restored, renewed and refreshed.

Yoga Shred

Yoga Shred— The Yoga Shred™, created by Sadie Nardini, is a fresh blend of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and her signature Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Sequences. Any level is welcome to get fit, have fun, learn how to get more results from your practice, and use the mat to work out smarter, not harder.