Are you ready for a deeper dive into your practice, your place as a yoga teacher, and into yourself?

This advanced 300 hour training will enhance your own practice, your anatomy knowledge, asana practice, sequencing, teaching, philosophy and ”level up” all the skills that you developed in your 200 hour training.

Learn the tools to move beyond ”drop in studio classes” and get inspired to develop an online presence in your community, create workshops and retreats.

***Each module can be taken separately and count towards your full 300 hours.


  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • Teaching for a minimum of 1 year
  • The Yoga Teacher Revolution Training (40 hour on-demand) or 200 Hour Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

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The On-demand Yoga Teacher Revolution® Training includes:

  • New Functional Anatomy
  • Clear Cueing For Strength & Safety
  • Authenticity & Uniqueness To Become More YOU In Class
  • Structured Sequencing That Rocks
  • The Ongoing Inspiration to become a magnetic teacher who teaches your best classes ever…EVERY time!

Module 1 – TBD Cape May (50 hours)
Master the Four Foundations & the Seven Core Cues
Judy Heany & Karin Thyr Eriksson

In this module we re-visit and reinforce what you’ve learned in the online training plus take a deeper dive in to the four foundations through the seven core cues to fully understand the powerful movement through deep core line activation.

Understanding the transitions – how we enter and exit each pose- and the organic flow in between will help you rise from your foundation into your unique expression, feeling stronger than ever before. Experience the space, lightness and freedom that can only appear if you move through the deep core line in a certain order.

What’s Included?

  • Four Foundations
  • Seven core cues
  • Fascia & Meridians
  • Linear vs nonlinear ways to practice
  • Transitions
  • CSV Yoga language
  • Teaching and feedback to grow and develop your teaching skills.

Module 2 – TBD – Cape May (50 hours)
Discover Your Dharma
Judy Heany & Karin Thyr Eriksson

In this module we dive deeper in to your roll as a teacher.

Learn how to sequence in a creative new ways, set a theme for your class, and teach from your core.

Find your voice as a teacher and take the teachers seat to rock your class – every time!

Through exercises, discussions and teachings, we learn the difference between being an instructor and being an inspirational teacher.

Find your core message and experience what happens when you infuse that in all your classes and everything you do on and off the mat.

All students will get loving and supportive personal feedback, both from the group and your teachers.

What’s Included?

  • Sequencing for your best class
  • Rocking teachers seat
  • Strategies for Self-Care
  • Discovering your Core Message
  • Finding Your Tribe

Module 3 – TBD – Cape May (50 hours)
Asana Deep Dive
Judy Heany & Karin Thyr Eriksson

Transform your teaching by breaking the linear and embracing this deep dive into asana – CSV style.

Through creative sequencing, anatomically optimized cueing, and inspiring positive theming, discover how to get more results in less time.

Increase your strength, endurance, and metabolism during our intensive exploration of advanced asana.

What’s Included?

  • The Trinity – Igniting the Inner Flame
  • Core transformer
  • Taking Root to Fly
  • The Physics of Flight
  • How to Rock Your Crow
  • Deep Dive Detox – Compression & Expansion (Twists & Inversions)
  • Open Your Heart from the Core – Backbends
  • Supersonic Savasana -Yoga Nidra

Module 4 – TBD – Santa Barbara, CA (50 hours)
Rockstar Yoga Marketing Toolbox & ROCK Your Social Media
Judy Heany & Karin Thyr Eriksson and special guest teacher SADIE NARDINI

Even if technology freaks you out you can learn how to grow your business and communicate with your tribe through social media and online presence.

Learn from one of the most financially abundant wellness practitioners online Sadie Nardini (the founder of CSV Yoga and Yoga Shred) how to market yourself both locally and across the globe.

Sadie Nardini is one of the world’s top online course creators and will inspire you to get more creative, save more time and upgrade your online presence.

What’s Included?

  • Rock your social media
  • Weekend intensives & retreats basics
  • Website/Facebook tips & tricks
  • Creating Your Online Platform
  • How to Market & Magnetize Your Tribe
  • Photo session

Schedule Sample:
08.00-10.00  Check in/Yoga class/Conversation
10.00-12.00  Theory and practicum
12.00-1.30     Lunch
1.30-3.30      Theory and practicum
3.30-4.30      Yoga class (more yin slow flow, restorative)
4.30-5.00      Closing/Homework handout


  • Full Training: Module 1-4 (in Cape May & Santa Barbara) $5800
  • Individual Module: $1450
  • Commit to all 4 In-Person Modules and receive 20% early bird discount if paid in full by April 15 = $4640
  • Commit to multiple modules (2 or more) and receive 10% discount.
  • Individual payment plans available upon request.
  • Non-refundable Deposit of $500 holds your spot.
  • Only 10 Spots Available!

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