At Balance, we offer Relaxing, Therapeutic, and Thai Yoga Massage and Myofascial Release.

60 Minutes = $100

75 Minutes = $120

90 Minutes = $135

Prices exclude NJ State Sales Tax & exclude gratuity.

Healthy Addiction Special

4 Sixty Minute Massages = $340 (Must be booked within 30 days of purchase.)

Call 609-884-3001 to book a massage.

Enjoy gentle neck traction during Relaxing Massages to unravel from the stress of daily life.

Energy-clearing, joint-opening, muscle & mind-soothing Thai Yoga Massage experienced fully-clothed on a futon mat.

Stretch your hamstrings and your whole body during our signature Thai Yoga Massage.

Therapeutic Massage combines deep trigger point and myofascial release work in areas where you need it most with lighter pressure to release muscle tension.

Full back body stretch with hip opening and gentle shoulder traction during our signature Thai Yoga Massage.