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For real times are tough.

Everyone is so stressed out and anxiety is at an all-time high.

Your body and mind have been in fight or flight mode for what feels like forever.

Running to the fridge for some Ben&Jerry therapy or checking out of your life and into a fictional character’s on Netlfix has become the norm.

What we are really craving is a way out.

A way out of the freezing effects of anxiety and the land of overwhelm.

Its’ time to step away from the screen, get off the couch, out of the fridge and back into your life again. Fully focused, calm, reconnected to your zen, and enjoying your life again.

CTFO is your quick & easy guide to breathing & yoga practices for surviving challenging times.

Use these practices to bust through anxiety& fear and calm the f#@! down.

Deep breathing & yoga practices we share will help to

  • lower your blood pressure and heart rate,
  • improve focus, and
  • help instill a sense of calm & peace.

Anxiety is one of our biggest challenges of our current world where we struggle with information overload, uncertainty, and future freak outs.

When we get calm and focused all the fears fade and we shift not only your energy but also your chemistry.

Stress causes your body to

  • release hormones like cortisol and adrenaline
  • deplete your immune system and also
  • release glucose into your bloodstream to provide energy for fight or flight.

This cycle can create weight gain, inflammation, and other chronic health issues.

CTFO offers simple techniques help you shift out of stress hormone production and into the release of happy feeling hormones like oxytocin and serotonin, reduce stress, and instill a sense of calm.

CTFO YOGA PRACTICES are three very different practices to match your mood and needs.

  • Flow to Glow, our slow flow practice to release muscle tension & help feel relaxed again
  • Find Your Zen Restorative practice to find deep stillness & fully let go from the chaos
  • Burn Off the Crazy to move intensely to find focus again

CTFO BREATHING TECHNIQUES can help you manage your stress so you can feel more present and ready for life’s challenges (even if you only have a few minutes).

  • Whole Body Breath will detoxify your body, optimize digestion and metabolism, activate your body’s natural anatomy to breathe deeply and effectively.
  • 4 Count Breath shifts your energy, connects you more deeply with your body, calms your nervous system, and decreases stress in your body.
  • Balancing Breath helps to relax your body and mind, reduce anxiety, & promote overall well-being, & help you to be more focused and aware.

Grab these tools for life & use them when you need them most, like right now when everything is turbo weird and uncertainty is your reluctant new best friend.

CTFO is for those who want to:

  • Take control, move again, breathe deeply
  • Improve lung function and cardiovascular health
  • Learn tools for life to use forever to combat anxiety & the freezing effects of fear like stiffness and extra pounds

CTFO is not for those who want to:

  • Netflix & banana bread binge their way to spring
  • Use this pandemic as an excuse to put their self-care plans on the shelf
  • Feel helpless in the fight against anxiety and stress, stay stuck, and remain in the land overwhelm.

Covid is not going away any time and neither are moments in your life when your anxiety gets the best of you.

CTFO gives you the tools you need now that can help for a lifetime.

$99 – Now Just $49!

Meet Your Expert

Judy Heany, Master Yoga & Pilates Teacher, Licensed Massage Therpaist & owner of Balance Cape May, has helped thousands of her students tame anxiety and stress over the past two decades through breathwork, mediation and yoga practices. Judy is no stranger to stress and anxiety and has used the techniques in CTFO to help her during her most challenging times – including cancer treatment, divorce and now a pandemic. CTFO was birthed from her deep desire to share these tools and allow others to find peace amongst the chaos.