Class Descriptions

Pre-Registration is Strongly Encouraged.
Schedule Evolves Daily.
Class Fees Include Any Necessary Equipment
(we have mats!).
Balance Strictly Enforces a 24 Hour Cancellation Policy.

Vinyasa Yoga – This class flows from pose to pose by integrating breath with movement, leading students deeper into their moving meditation practice. Different options are offered to accommodate varied ability levels. This is a physically challenging class and best for those with some prior yoga experience. 75 min.

Gentle Yoga – If you think you can’t “do yoga,” this class is for you. This class is for beginners wishing to start a practice and those who appreciate moving slowly and consciously through thepostures and breathing techniques.  Hands-on assist and use of props included! 75 min.

Restorative Yoga – 75 Minutes of pure relaxation. A blend of restorative postures supported with blankets, bolsters, and blocks and long-held Yin poses, breathing techniques and guided mediation. A passive practice to balance your Yang, active practice. Great for feeling restored, renewed and refreshed.

Yoga at the Cove –  Meet by the pavilion at the end of the promenade (by the Cove Restaurant). Enjoy a mellow flow of asana by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Bring a beach towel and water. $15 cash only on location or register online. 60 min. Seasonal.

Pilates Springboard – The Pilates Springboard class feels great! Stretch and strengthen your whole body using the customizable springs to add resistance and fun to your workout. Similar to the Tower or Cadillac with options to adjust the springs to suit your unique body. We tone the arms, legs, back, and abs creating the signature streamlined body Pilates is so famous for. 55 min

Pilates Reformer – The Pilates Reformer provides finely tuned exercise resistance that allows one to  work very precisely to develop good alignment, core strength, and flexibility. The reformer offers all the famous benefits of Pilates including overall strength, coordination and balance. These in turn lead to better posture, graceful, efficient movement, and for many relief from pain associated with physical imbalances such as back pain. Flat abs, strong backs, toned buttocks and thighs are all results of consistent Pilates Reformer practice as well. 45 min.